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Welcome to Akash Granite’s Infrastructure page! Here, we take pride in showcasing our state-of-the-art facilities that enable us to produce high-quality granite products for our clients. At Akash Granite, we have invested heavily in our infrastructure to ensure that we have the necessary machinery, tools, and equipment to produce granite products that meet international quality standards.¬†

Step 1
Early Stage
Block Extraction from Quarry

At Akash Granimarbo, we use advanced techniques to extract granite blocks from our quarry, ensuring that we minimize waste and maximize yield.

Step 2
Block Development
Block Ready to Dispatch

The Block Extracted by Mining through Advanced Technology Machinery and loaded through Derrick Crane on the Truck

Step 3
Transport to work zone
Block reached to Factory through Transportation

Tranported to our Factory. Block undergoes through Vacuum Process where the Cracks got filled and Coating should be done on the Block throug High Quality Fiber

Step 4
More work on block
Block Undergoes through Dressing

During the dressing process, the block of stone is typically cut into more manageable sizes  Then, the surfaces of the stone are smoothed And then Block is Ready to move inside Our Highly Advanve Technology Multicutter Machines

Step 5
Block cutting
Block cutting after Dressing

To cut a granite block after dressing it, the block is first secured to a cutting table or bed using clamps or other mechanical fasteners. The cutting tool is then brought into contact with the granite block and guided along a pre-determined cutting path.

Step 6
Grinding on Dressed Blocks
Grinding done on Line polishing Machine

Grinding is an important step in the line polishing process, as it removes any rough or uneven spots on the surface of the stone, creating a level surface that's ready for polishing. The grinding process typically involves using a series of diamond abrasive pads with varying grits, starting with a coarse grit pad to remove any high spots or rough areas on the stone surface.

Step 7
Epoxy Treatment
Epoxy treatement after Grinding

Epoxy treatment is a common way to enhance the appearance and durability of granite surfaces. When applied to a ground granite block, epoxy can help to fill any small cracks, chips, or other imperfections in the surface of the stone, creating a smoother and more even finish.

Step 8
Final Polising & Finishing
Polishing on the Line Polisher

The final step of polishing on a line polisher involves the use of diamond abrasive pads with the highest grits to achieve a high level of shine and gloss on the surface of the stone.

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